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We had such a success with our Olez Hair and Scalp Detox treatment in 2015, that 2016 was all about developing a supporting line for our wonderful stylists and clients who were constantly asking for a shampoo and conditioner to take home.
3 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Salon
By now, this one should be a no-brainer. Sadly there are many salons still out their using keratin products containing dangerous amounts of formaldehyde. Even worse, many salon brands claim to be formaldehyde free by re-formulating their keratin so that the formaldehyde is not released until you begin to blow dry and flat-iron the hair, you know, the point where you're breathing in all the fumes.
How to Treat Your New Mommy Client's Hair: Postnatal Salon Hair Tips
It's a fact that during pregnancy elevated estrogen levels cause thicker, longer and overall more voluminous hair. Afterwards is a down-hill slope as hormone levels adjust, causing sometimes massive clumps off hair loss.
Hair Chemistry 101: 3 Tips for Preserving Fall Red Color
Clients are always looking for color safe products but sadly many products that say they are color safe contain harsh salt and sulfates, two ingredients that strip color right out of the hair. When especially dealing with red color, always use a shampoo that is salt and sulfate (Sodium Lauryl) free.
RED HOT: Formula and How-To Plus Maintenance by MS
Amanda Billardello from Glitz Salon in Rochester, Michigan helped turn up the heat on her client's haircolor. And a sleek cut and shiny finish highlights the fiery red Billardello created following the steps below.
Olez Advanced® Keratin Smoothing System- Real Customers, Real Results
We wanted to end the week with another great before and after review. Our Olez Advanced® Keratin Smoothing System is a professional keratin service that can only be found in participating salons.
Our Favorite Hair Style Picks from the Vampire Diaries
Rooted from our fascination with the Vampire Diaries, we decided to do a special blog post about the main female characters of the show and the hair styles we love. Plus we've included a few tips and tricks to achieve the looks!
Hair Color 101, Back to Basics
Your client was born a brunette but always wondered what it would be like to be a flashy red head. Months later, she has had her fun and is ready to dim down that red light and go back to brunette.
Fall Hair Color, Plum & Raspberry Tone Formula
We came across this inventive Multi-Fall hair color on and just loved it! This rocking dye was created by Kristin Pellegrino, head of Candy Salon in Cherry Hill, NJ.
Boca Cosmetics Group’s Boca Academy Excites and Motivates Stylists During Olez® Training Seminar
Boca Cosmetics Group, manufacturer of Olez® and pioneers in the hair industry, recently welcomed Flamingo Beauty Supply, at their state of the art training center, Boca Academy.
Mixing Hair Colors- Fall Red Head
Retouching hair color can be tricky, but not if you have O2 on your side. To achieve this color we simply did an O2 Detox treatment prior to coloring to ensure maximum absorption of color.
Hair Stylists- How to Plan a Photo-Shoot of Your Work
A hair stylist is an artist, every head of hair they touch becomes a work of art, and what better way to show off their skills then through pictures.
Don't Just Treat the Symptoms, REVERSE Aging in Hair
We've all heard it before: The hair is basically dead once it leaves the scalp. Still, we notice that the hair slowly loses shine, strength, and volume over time, and ask is there ANYTHING we can do to bring that shine, thickness, and resilience back?
Bobby Pin Necklace GIVEAWAY
Enter to win this hand-made Bobby Pin Necklace by Sue K, Accessories Designer.
Fall Hair Makeover: Tips for Preserving Color
Thomas Moore once wrote “All that’s bright must fade,” we wonder if he colored his hair too…
Gift Idea for a Departing Coworker- Brownie Fruit Cups!
Our lovely hair stylist is a chef by night! She made these delicious brownie fruit cups for our intern who is leaving us.
How To: Upside Down French Braid Updo with Bow Bun
Creating the perfect updo starts with having sleek, shiny, and manageable hair.
Olez® Hits Vegas!
From Chicago, to Orlando and now Vegas Olez® is making it's way around the country. Our most recent show this month Cosmoprof North America at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas was another hit. With great spirits and amazing products Olez ® introduced to Vegas for the first time their 3 new lines, Essence of Youth, O2, and NutriFuze. Each treatment offers a unique solution to client hair problems.
Olez® Brings the Most Advanced Keratin System to Las Vegas
Boca Cosmetics Group, manufacturers of the most innovative hair care systems in the industry, announces the launch of Olez® Advanced Smoothing System, the most effective, color safe, toxin and restriction-free smoothing system to date.
Olez® Set to Introduce Three New Lines at Cosmoprof North America Taking Place July 14-16 in Las Vegas
Known pioneers in the hair care industry for the use of Apple Stem Cell Technology in its INCEPTION line, Olez® professional hair care, is now set to introduce O2, Essence of Youth, and NutriFuze at Cosmoprof North America, taking place July 14-16 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.
It has been used for centuries by tribal cultures throughout the Amazon rainforest through Central America. Among the Amazons, it is called “sutura da mata”, or jungle suture, due to the antiseptic, antifungal and reparative properties of the oil cold pressed from the seeds of the Pentaclethra Macroloba tree.
Exclusive Facebook Offer- Argan & Pracaxi Spray
Summer FRIZZ be gone! With this exclusive Facebook offer, valued at $15. For a limited time only get our Argan & Pracaxi Natural Oil Spray for $10 plus FREE SHIPPING. Our Argan Spray is the only one of it's kind in the market in a aerosol form. Our aerosol spray is eco-friendly and allows for light application immediately eliminating frizz.
The Cupcake Hair Style
Not to make you guys hungry! But this is the cupcake inspired look of the week:) The top half of this style is in the shape of a cupcake icing swirl. So how exactly is this look achieved? Simple, this is a three strand braid starting at the crown and rotating around and around in a circular motion while adding hair to one of the three strands of the braid.
Twisted Up-do With O2 Detox
Our model Carol had lots! and I mean lots of heavy hair. To began her hair style we started off with an O2 treatment "Detox for Hair and Scalp". Detoxing her hair got rid of years of build up from styling products and the elements around her.
Swept Crown Braid- Essence of Youth
The Swept Crown Braid begin by treating the hair with Essence of Youth. Because of the length of the hair, the ends were damaged and brittle. Essence of Youth fixed the ends, and added collagen to the her hair, filling in any pot holes in the follicles, giving the hair a smooth and even look throughout.
Did you try the free Keratin Smoothing Sample?
Advanced is a unique wash-out keratin smoothing system from Olez with amazing results that last. This is a formaldehyde free formula with incredible smoothing capabilities that control wave and frizz, lasting up to 30 shampoos.
Olez® Attends Premiere Orlando 2013
We had another great experience this year at Premiere Orlando. Our beautiful booth located at #3481 had our signature white theme, coupled with our hands on mixology labs. Attendees got to experience the products first hand, enjoy on stage demos, and were assisted by our beautiful promo models showcasing creative hair styling achieved by prepping the models with our treatments.
SPONSORED BY: She by SO.CAP.USA, All-Nutrient, OLEZ, H2PRO, ergo and Crack.
How to Create a Fishtail Pompadour and French Twist Without Pins! by Olez®
Before starting the Fishtail Pompadour styling technique, our model Carol's hair was treated with the Olez® O2 DETOXING system for hair and scalp. The treatment got rid of build up in the hair, giving it better manageability and an incredible shine.
Olez® Unveils Revamped Advanced Smoothing System
Advanced brings to Premiere Orlando a new smoothing system formulated to deliver amazing results to the most demanding stylists and clientele.
Advanced Editorial Styling Class
Using his extensive industry experience and knowledge, celebrity stylist Edward Teitel will demonstrate inventive styling techniques for your next photo shoot and provide tips for getting your work published in magazines.
Olez Elevates Salon Services to the Next Level
Olez Elevates Salon Services to the Next Level by Improving Overall Health of the Hair.
Silky Smooth With Olez Advanced
If your client comes in with frizzy, unmanageable hair but doesn't want to suffer from the harmful fumes created by keratin products containing formaldehyde, then Olez Advanced is the way to go.
The Perfect Blow-Dry
Blow drying hair may seem simple enough, but in fact there are wrong ways to do this which can result in damaging locks and an uneven frizzy look.
Minimal Collection by Edward Teitel for Olez
The Minimal Collection by Olez was inspired by the definition of the Minimalism Movement: Any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. It exposes the essence of a subject by eliminating most non essential forms and features, in this case wardrobe, colors, and backgrounds to highlight the focal point.
Our Office Stylist Goes Lavender Using Olez O2: Here's How She Did it!
We Love that Olez Headquarters is the kind of place where employees, especially our in house stylist/product specialist, can experiment with crazy cuts and colors. Olez is all about creativity and our newest product O2: Hair & Scalp Detox is the perfect tool for color lovers!
Trio of Restorative Hair Care Products
Apple Stem Cell Technology- INCEPTION
INCEPTION is a professional restorative system that repairs damage, adds shine to dull hair and controls wave and frizz. The treatment is enhanced withApple Stem Cell Technology.
Basic Steps To Successful Hairdressing
Olez shared with us some of their techniques for successful hair dressing.
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