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O2 is a unique oxygen therapy that detoxifies the hair and scalp. O2 those this by releasing oxygen that removes all toxins and impurities, followed by an infusion of nutrients and oils, resulting in healthy and luxurious hair.

Oxygen Detox 1 & 2

Enhanced with natural Juá extracts and Joazeiro bark, the O2 detox combination defends hair from the impurities and chemical residue present in styling products and damaging elements.

As you work Detox 1 & 2 through the hair, you will see the gunk start to come out. This "gunk" will look much like snowy dandruff falling out of your clients hair. This is years of product build and residue from the elements coming right off.

Nutrient Serum

The nutrient serum is a complete transfusion of health and vitality, delivering the nest and most powerful nutrient blend of coconut oil, carite butter, and a blend of anti-oxidant rich cranberries, kiwis, strawberries, oranges, and limes. The Nutrient Serum provides vitamin A, B, C, D and anti-oxidants that leave the hair soft and shiny.

After getting rid of years of product build up, spoil the hair with step 3 Nutrient Serum. Packed with vitamin A, B, C, D and anti-oxidants. This is just what the hair needs after a deep cleanse.

Thermo Protector

The Thermo Protector closes the hair cuticles, resulting in soft, shiny, healthy hair. It also defends the hair from harmful UV ray exposure and maintains moisture by providing a hydrophobic film around the hair shaft.

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